Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Now?

(1) We wait. The cultures from the first of August are due back soon. A week later the cultures from the second spinal tap will be back. Six weeks from now the cultures from the biopsy will be back. Those results may prove useful in establishing an accurate diagnosis.

(2) I have another round of doc visits. I see my GP tommorow and my infectious disease doc later in the week. Both will tell me what they make of the non-news of the pathology report from the biopsy.

(3) I have to decide if I am going to go out of town for a "second opinion." I will probably make that decision by the end of the week (I want to talk to my GP and my infectious disease doc first).

Summary of where we are: (1) I have papiledema, hydrocephelus, and chronic meningitis (and a few other related ailments), but (2) we don't know what is causing it. The speculation is that I have a rare fungal infection--but so far, we cannot identify it (if it is a fungal infection at all).


Hilary said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as chronic menengitis...Do you watch the Office? If not, I definitely recommend you watch the episode on health care...At least you don't have count choculitis...

Nate Lord said...

Those names for what may ail you are strange. I pray for you.

L. Swafford said...

Geez, Charles. That's an impressive scar. Can you work that into your Halloween plans?

On a more serious note, Selena and I both continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. It's certainly a bothersome collection of problems, but it sounds promising that they've ruled out some of the nastier possibilities. And, they're sure you don't just have Lyme Disease right? Eh, what would I know--I'm not a doctor--oh wait, well I am, but not "THAT kind", you know?

Take care, and try to go easy on me in this football league thing.


Lynn Miller said...

Well, that picture alone was worth checking in!
I am sorry they didn't learn enough but it sounds like they ruled out bad options also.
We continue to think of you and pray for your recovery.
Love, Lynn, Mike and Herb

Madge Brown said...


Our entire P.E.O. chapter is praying for your recovery. I read something today that stayed with me as I thought of various young friends who are struggling with serious illness: "If HE takes you to it, HE will take you through it."

I have no doubt your health will be restored soon. All the best to you, Katherine, Elizabeth and William.

Madge Brown
Ch. H, P.E.O.

Mary in Bahrain said...

Just checking in to say the Middle East contingent is praying for you! I hope you get answers very soon and get this episode behind you. We're pulling for you and will be checking the blog. Give Itty a kiss for us!

Vicky said...

Hey Charles,
Good having seen you today, but aren't you supposed to stay away from that location? OK, OK you were being DAD today. I truely pray for answers, as the unknown is often more challenging than the known. You are greatly missed, and I figure after this ordeal you might write a book about a medical journey.
Take Care and GOD BLESS
Vicky and Aerial Spencer
PS was that scar on a mask???

Lucia B. said...

God bless you, Charles. I'm with you in thought and prayer.