Saturday, June 8, 2013

Letter to the Parish of St. Mark's, Louisville

June 7, 2013

Dear St. Marker,

With a heavy heart, but a heart full of gratitude, I am resigning as the Rector of St. Mark’s.  My last Sunday with you will be June 16.
Since becoming your Rector in August of 2000, you have been my partner in mission and ministry.  We have worked together and much has been accomplished.  For the opportunity you have given me to serve you, I am thankful.
If you had asked me only a few months ago, if I would be writing this letter, I would have given you an emphatic “No.”  But, our plans are fallible and our ability to see into the future is weak.  We can but trust in God amidst all the changes and chances of this life.
In the next few weeks, I will become the priest for St. John’s, Ocean Springs, Mississippi and your vestry will begin the process that will culminate in the calling of your next Rector.  In this way, every ending is also a new beginning.
As I reflect over my twelve (almost thirteen) years as your Rector, I am staggered by the events of our life together over that span of time.  I am humbled that you have allowed me to travel with you on this journey.  For the honor of sharing your life with me, I cannot adequately give thanks.  Being your priest has been a privilege.
While I will soon no longer be the Rector of St. Mark’s, you will remain close to my heart.  Somethings do not change.  Please know that you will therefore remain in my prayers.  And, I look forward, anticipating the joy, of hearing all the good news that will, no doubt, emanate from St. Mark’s.  You have a rich heritage, but I am confident the best days lay ahead and I am full of hope for you, for your mission, and for ministry.

In Christ’s Eternal Love,
Charles Hawkins
Rector, St. Mark’s, Louisville

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Link for Will Campbell Video Bio

Charles Hawkins via Facebook.  "Will Campbell deceased. His life was a light to those around him. May light perpetual shine upon him."