Friday, September 14, 2007

Maybe Next Week

Next week may prove eventful in my health care saga. I see my infectious dieases doc (Julio Melo) and my nuero-surgon (Steven Reiss) on Tuesday. I don't expect to hear anything from the neuro-surgeon--they are just going to take out my staples. Melo, however, may have news.

Today marks six weeks since my first spinal tap--so maybe those infamous fungi cultures will be back from the lab. One can hope.

My test results have been sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, but I have not yet heard back as to whether or not they will see me and if so when. I have other options as well for second opinions The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville can see me on Friday (but they will not review my test results first). The Cleveland Clinic is also an option. I am waiting to see who can see me first. I thought by today I would know--but it looks like the first of next week before I can make a decision on second opinions.

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