Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saw my internist

Saw my GP (acually she is in internal medicine--one of the docs in Charlie Hornaday's practice) yesterday. She is referring me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I have not decided if I will go or not (or if I will go someplace else) but she is sending my file to Rochester for review. If they have any ideas, I may be going north for a few days.

Other news. Now that I have been out of work for 30 days, the Episcopal Church wants to put me on short-term disability. This is good thing--its why we have such insurance. The funds made available will help the parish pay another priest until I can return to work. My internist is filling out the paperwork for the Church's short-term disability program.

Tommorow will mark six weeks since my first spinal tap. Which means, I should be getting the results of those cultures soon. Hopefully they will help make a diagnosis so that we can begin the treatment phase.


AlleyCat said...

No matter where this journey takes you remember that there are a lot of people keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. I believe in the power of a responsive universe. Miss you, hope you are feeling good today.


Lynn Miller said...

It sounds like you are moving forward and there must be some comfort in that.
All I can think of is the TV show, "House". Where's House when you need him!?!
My aunt, Mary Virginia, is sending her prayers along with Dad, Mike and I.
Love, Lynn

Hilary said...

Well, it sounds like things are moving in some sort of direction. If you do come up north, let me know! I'd love to bring you flowers :) It's a little bit of a drive from here, but for you I'd do it.

Jim Trimble+ said...

You da man, Charles! Know that you're in our prayers, as is your family. Like the scar, by the way. Very emo.