Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm Home

Arrived at home by lunch. Took a nap. My biological mother, Lou, has been here and my father-in-law, Karl, has been here. They will go home tommorow. It has been nice to have them here for the biopsy. They, like so many of you, have been kind to help Katherine during my illness. Getting kids to school, picked up from school, taken to football practice, brought home from football practice, picked up from cross-country practice, et al. Once again, thank you.


Hilary said...

I'm glad you got home ok! I was going to call BE to see if you were still there, but I'm glad you've made it home and are resting (hopefully well).

christie Floyd said...

Charles- I'm glad you made it home from the hospital safe and sound. It's no place to be is it? I know you'll be out digging before you know it. From my personal experience I think the waiting for results is the hardest part of it all. At least when you have results- good or bad- you can make a plan. take care & see you soon! Christie