Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday and Tommorow

Yesterday is the day I would have figured out I was sick with something new. Rather than my opthamologist making the discovery by accident, I would have called her yesterday.

On three occassions yesterday I lost sight completely for a few moments. The first time was when I bent over to pick something up. I completely lost sight in my left eye, but by the time I could count to twenty my vision began to return. I could see a small circle in the middle at first, then slowly it widened until it was its usual blurry self.

Happened a second time when I stood from having been sitting. A third time when knelt. I called my opthamalogist, she said it was to be expected. She had been asking me about visual changes--apparently this is what she meant. So I said, "This is normal." She said, "No Charles, this is not normal, but given your condition it is to be expected." Oh, well.

I am to see her tommorow morning at 9:30 a.m. I know that Katherine has a court appearance at that same time. If you are free in the morning and could give me a ride to Baptist Hospital East, I would be most appreciative. First person to call me gets the honor! 396-8183 (cell phone).


Lisa said...

Hi Charles. Have been reading your blog and saying prayers but somehow am finding the written word hard to come by. Just the typical "one day at a time" and try to stay positive. Watch alot of comedy....always helps my mood. It is most frustrating when one finds that the doctors sometimes don't know it all. Helps me to feel more in control when I seek out my own information. I'm sure you guys have done that. Best of luck where ever you guys decide to go and my offer of helping with the kids, the dog, the yard, whatever whenever still stands. Just call.
Fondly, Lisa Smith

L. Swafford said...

Hey Charles. In the unlikely event you don't hear from anyone else, you know you can call me and I'll get you over to Baptist East tomorrow. You've got my cell #? It's on my Facebook page or my home # is in the book.