Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No more staples

I saw both my docs today. I was so tired afterward I came home and took a long nap.

First visit was with my infectious disease doc. He said he could not identify an infection. The six week reports are back from the first spinal tap--no news. Brain biopsy produced nothing new. His theory: I had a fungal infection, but my body killed it. My current problems are caused by the scarring that took place as my body healed itself. His treatment plan: Shunting and begin maintaince meds to ensure the fungus does not come back.

Second visit was with my nuero-surgon. He said he would not shunt because he is sure my protien levels would not be elevated if I did not have an infection. If he shunts and there is an infection he says it will spread to my abdomin, etc. Further, he believes that if we identify and treat the infection that I may not have to be shunted.

Both are glad I am going for a second opinion since they cannot agree to a plan of action amongst themselves.


Lucia B. said...

Keep your chin up,Charles. You are in all our prayers.

Crutch said...

My trips thru Rochester MN (installing computers) left me with memories of plugging your car in at night so it wouldn't freeze and snow on Halloween -- all great reasons to head north now. The stress of conflicting opinions has got to be taking a big toll on you -- got to get the "dis" out of this disease. However, maybe you are healed and the healing sometimes hurts more than the initial blow. Here's hoping.
Our prayers remain with you!!

Paul said...

Gotta love medicine. That is why they say "practicing" I'm guessing that there is true validity in both statments and with a 2nd you will be able to incorporate it all into a very viable and doable option that gets you back on the fast track to health (enough cliches?) Keep accepting the love and support flowing to you and your family and you will have the answer that best suits shortly. My love and prayers as alwyas to you and your family and to those supporting you!!!