Monday, September 17, 2007

Its Raining Second Opinions

Just when I had given up being able to get a second opinion, everyone calls. Mayo in Jacksonville can see me on Friday. Mayo in Rochester can see me on Monday. Cleveland Clinic called and left a message for me to call them to arrange an appointment.

A big thank you to all you helped this happen. I was hoping one would work out, and three have! I will review with my wife tonight when she gets home from work and we will decide where to go.

Again, thanks for all your help, kind thoughts and prayers.


jyp said...

What WONDERFUL news!
We are so happy!

Jennie, Dan, and Mary Claire

Lynn Miller said...

That is wonderful news!!!!
Dad really enjoyed seeing you yesterday.
I'm praying this can be figured out, quickly.
Love, Lynn and Mike

Hilary said...

I guess raining second opinions is, in your case, better than raining men...Although I'm sure there's a time and a place for it :)

Paul said...

Charles, As always you are deep in my thoughts and prayers and I am tremendously encouraged with the number of second opinions. This bodes well my friend!!
Paul Gill

Lola Spalding said...

Great news, Charles!! Wethinks this is the turnaround with a new direction ... forward! We'll all be with you wherever you decide to go. Love, Lola and Lyle