Friday, September 7, 2007

Slept Well

I slept well last night. There is no place like home. Katherine got me a donut shaped pillow that supported my neck, but didn't put pressure on my "hole" in my head. Worked great!

I am hoping to recieve a pathology report today (so much for 24 hours!). With any luck they will be able to make a treatable diagnosis. I am ready to move from the diagnosis stage to the treatment stage.

As soon as I hear anything, I will post here.


Hilary said...

In the words of Homer Simpson...
"Woo hoo!"

Lynn Miller said...

Charles-I am sooo glad you got some sleep! Good thinking, Katherine.
I will be with you all in spirit today. I am praying for good news and a swift treatment plan.
Love, Lynn

Connie said...

Good to hear u r home & sleeping well. We r praying, crossing r fingers & lighting candles (old habits) for a speedy recovery.
i used to work w/fungi in my lab days. they were easy 2 grow when you didn't want them.

Hang in there, all our best 2 u and the family,
love Conie & Scott Mendel