Friday, September 7, 2007

No news

We called the doctor's office at close of business today and they had not received a pathology report. I said that I wasn't going to get my hopes up for a definitive diagnosis, but of course had done just that. Nothing to be done but to wait for Monday to see if there is any news. Katherine


Anne said...

You all must be SO tired of waiting. I know that the doctors and pathologists are using all of their knowledge and skill to find out what is wrong and to fix it ... but it does seem like there needs to be a faster, more efficient and less frustrating way for them all to work together! Of course, patience is not one of my virtues. (Personally, I would like very much to take inefficient doctors and sly, stubborn insurance companies and knock all of their heads together!) I will pray for extra helpings of stamina and peace of mind for you this weekend, however, as you continue to wait for information.
Hang in there!

Lynn Miller said...

Charles-I won't try to say it better than Anne, although, I will add that it sucks! (I guess we know who is NOT the real church person).
I sure wish dr.s would realize that waiting a weekend seems like a lifetime.
I loved your entry on health care reform. I think you have it solved!
Love and lots of prayers, Lynn

P'Tricia said...

i know it might be a day late and a buck short but if you or katherine ever need anything especially help with the kids PLEASE let me know, even if it is just getting them out of the house just call between brandon cortney and myself we can entertain them for as long as needed.
we are all thinking about you!!!P'Tricia

Gary said...

I guess I am a little behind the curve, but I heard from Annie Ronald earlier in the week that you had a medical procdure on Wednesday.
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Gary Bockhorst

Hilary said...

So there's this website including quotes people hear others saying at YDS. And this one is figgin' hilarious:

"Student 1 sees student 2 pushing a car out of a parking space to jumpstart the battery.
Student 1: Do you need help pushing that car?
Student 2: Nah I'm good. As you can see, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me."

I love divinity school.

Hope this makes you laugh...