Friday, November 2, 2007

Cost of Health Care

Got my bill from Mayo for my first two visits: $18,000 and change. I am glad I have insurance. St. Mark's provides health insurance for all full-time employees. In my case, the parish pays the difference between individual and family plans on my wife's insurance policy. She works for the Commonwealth and doing it this way saves the parish a great deal of money. (The same coverage through the Diocese would be twice as much).

(1) I am grateful that the parish provides health insurance for its full-time employees.

(2) I worry about all those persons who are uninsured.

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Lynn Miller said...


I check this often and I am sending you as many good thoughts as I possibly can. I know there must be a reason for all this but, gosh, I hate that you are going through it.

Love and prayers to you, Katherine and the kids,