Saturday, November 24, 2007

Feeling Stronger

I am feeling better each day. Each day the effects of the surgery recede a bit further. I am having to take fewer and fewer pain meds. The sites seem to be healing nicely. I am over the anesthesia “hangover.”

The docs were very confident that the shunt would deal with the symptoms of the hydrocephalus--I share their confidence. I can’t, however, verify that improvement. After brain surgery headaches are “normal.” Don’t really know what I am dealing with in that area. I am, however, assuming that the headache is surgery related. I will go to the opthamologist to take a look at the optic nerves and see if the swelling is going down. I will also be going to get a CT scan of the brain and see how the hydrocephalus is responding to the shunt.

The docs said that I would be my new normal in two weeks from surgery. So, next Friday I will report on the new normal.

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