Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How do I feel?

All the medical mumbo jumbo to the side, people ask me, "but how do you feel?"

A great deal of the time I feel fine. I feel "bad" when I am having a headache. On a typical day I will have two to three headaches. My doc gave me some meds for the headaches, and it helps.

I often get dizzy and sometimes I loose sight in one or both eyes (but only momentarily).

I can't read very well, but I got a magnifying glass and that is helping a great deal. (When I can find it).

Sometimes lately I walk like I am drunk (but that does not effect the way I feel.

I am often fatigued. I sleep a great deal. I am really only good for one "outing" a day--then I have to rest. I over did it yesterday, and I had to lay in bed all morning today. But I "feel" better now.

I am in no pain (except when I am having a headache and only then does it get excruciating if I don't take my meds quickly enough or can't find them).

The absent minded professor routine I have been cultivating for years seems to be getting worse. My son gives me grief about it. He says, "must be the fungus."

He wants me to take him to a Colts game this weekend (his Pee Wee Football team is going). His mother was to take him, but he really wants me to go. David and Jamie Ramsay have agreed to drive us (their son Carter is also on the team). I am going to give it the ole college try. Wish me luck.

Tonight is Halloween. I tried to figure a way to work my brain biopsy scar into a costume, but it healed too quickly. Its not very scary now.

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