Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Infectious Disease agrees with the uber-specialist. If I had an infection, its gone now. They are worried that if it was an infection that it will come back. But nothing to do for that except wait and watch. Hopefully, the meningitis part of this is in my past.

The neurologist also signed-off on Askimit's plan of action. Both have now discharged me to the Chair of Neurosurgy here at the Mayo. I meet with him, tomorrow to discuss treatment for the Hydrocephalus. I will know more about the treatment plan after that meeting. The most likely outcome--more brain surgery.

I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, I am going to get some dinner and celebrate progress. Waiting for a plan has been difficult for me. I am pleased to say that I think that wait is drawing to a close.


Anne said...

That is really good news! You must be so relieved to be able to take action. Celebrate well, and keep us posted!

Jane O'Roark said...

Dear Charles,
I have been reading your blog for months and keeping you in my prayers.
This latest posting of yours gives me great hope that you will soon be through this nightmare.
Take good care of yourself and Katherine too.
Love, Jane

Hilary said...


Lucinda Laird said...


Thanks be to God! Like Jane, I have been following on your blog, and keeping you in my prayers. I HATE the thought of more brain surgery for you, but I am so glad that you have a plan of action, and can actually look forward to putting this behind you.