Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's Sad?

Anonymous said...
What is sad? I don't think I undestand. Are you saying it's sad because people don't trust knowledge more or because they don't trust knowledge enough?

JANUARY 4, 2011 7:15 PM


Sorry, my caption was cryptic. I meant that it made me sad that religious leaders have acted in such a way as to make others not trust us. Politicians and Religious Leaders are the least trusted. Makes me sad.

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Crutch said...

In math and science you are expected to get something close to 100% on your tests in school and anything below 80% isn't good. The world of politicians, salemen and sports declares complete victory with 51% on their tests.

Going from left to right on your chart you see this--narrow absolutism on the left to half the world disagrees with everything on the right. There is no "maybe" instruction in a computer program. There are many brilliant, well-educated politicians with deep and trusted experience that make great progress with lots of "maybe" solutions.

On your chart to the left an idiot is kicked out quickly by application of narrow facts. Idiots on the right end of your chart get headlines, sullying the newsmen, too.

I too get mad and sad when religious "leaders"(sic) scare off thoughtful people. It is a challenge.