Saturday, January 9, 2010

More on Nipps Article

I couldn't resist. Here is another quote from Nipps article:

"They want to recover a multi-sensory experience of worship. From their location in the Protestant traditions, where a commitment to the Bible and iconoclasm has led to a profound “wordiness,” emerging church practitioners want to develop worship forms that address the whole person and all our senses. Also, inspired by young adult culture with its creative exploration of multi-media, there is a strong sense that conventional worship is dull and unimaginative, unworthy of the glory of God. Emerging church liturgy, therefore, tends to make creative use of a wide variety of worship tools, from icons to Power Point, from organs to electric guitars, from candles to light shows."

At St. Mark's we are on the candles, organs, and icons side of things--but multi-sensory is at the heart of what we are after.

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