Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mundane FYI

My assistant and I are switching days off. The Rev. Anne Vouga, Assistant Rector at St. Mark's, and I will be flip/flopping our days off. She will be taking Mondays off and I will be taking Fridays off. Effective this week.

Diocesan Convention went well, I thought. Naturally the big news surrounds the unfolding of (a) the Bishop's retirement and the search for his successor and (b) our sharing him with the Diocese of Ft. Worth in the short term. Everyone behaved themselves and were cordial. A good time was had by all.

Anne Vouga was elected to the Ecclesiastical Court. Alex Campbell and Katherine Kingren were appointed to the Committee on Canons. Alex, as Chair of the Search Committee, gave a very nice presentation on the search process. It was nice to see Hilary Bogart, who was an intern at St. Mark's, now seminarian at Yale Divinity School--she led Noontime Prayers for us.

Attendance at our principal worship service seemed a little down today (as it was last week). I really liked our seminarian's sermon on Noah and "Rainbow as a divine post-it note." Nice. It will, no doubt, appear in my next sermon on the passage (Think Lent 1, 2012). Big "Thank You" to David McDaniel who sight read the "Great Litany"!

"Everyone" has the flu or a cold or some such ailment. Anne Vouga was home today with the Flu. Marti Taber (Financial Secretary and Parish Secretary) is home with the Flu (her daughter Anne also has it). The office has been sprayed with Lysol. Remember our sick staff in your prayers and be patient with us this week if you call the parish office. The understaffed office, just became the really understaffed office.

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