Monday, June 2, 2008

Last Post on Head

All is good. My opthamalogist says my optic nerves have returned to normal. She wants to see me next year! Her report officially marks the end of this health saga.

Thank you for all your support these many months.


Dan Stiver said...

Like the "heading"! I'm so glad that things seem to be getting back to normal. What a journey!

Diana said...

I haven't seen you guys for a long time. It was four years ago when Bush was re-elected and I saw Kathrerine in the OC. I wanted to contact you guys to celebrate Barack Obama's election as president and realized that all of my contact information was outdated. I love you guys and miss you. I am so sorry to hear of you difficult journey to health Chalres but glad that you are feeling so much better. my e mail is Hopefully I'll hear from you soon-Diana