Thursday, October 25, 2007


Just kidding. We talked to my Neurologist. The last spinal tap, CT scan review, and biopsy of my eye turned up nothing new. More dead ends.

What they know: I have chronic meningitis, hydrocephalus, and papilledema. What we don't know is what is causing it. Can't treat until we know the cause. So, I only have meds for the headaches (which has helped manage the pain). But we are not solving the underlying problem. I haven't been to work since July 22. I had to go on short-term disability beginning August 14. I would really like to get back to St. Mark's. I miss everyone terribly. This whole thing is taking too long.

I am still to meet a new doc in November. He handles all the difficult neurological cases at the Mayo. Maybe he will be able to help. The Neurologist I am presently seeing began preparing me for another brain biopsy--this time they are going to want to attempt biopsy at the back and base of my brain. Procedure is riskier than the last brain biopsy, but they think they may stand a better chance of getting infected tissue.

Truth is--it is shot in the dark--but it may be all there is to do.


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