Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Last Posting from Rochester: Friday 8:00 p.m.

Round One is over. We are coming home. My next appointment is October 16.

After lunch on Friday we continued to have no luck in Neuro-opthamamology. Finally, we had to leave for my Lumbar Puncture. After the Lumbar Puncture, I had to lay flat for the rest of the evening.

While I was having my LP, however, my wife left "supportive-wife" role and went into lawyer mode. When I emerged from the LP, all my appointments had been rescheduled so that they were clustered together and so that I would no longer have to wait in waiting rooms for the "first available opening."

My next trip will be more sane. We are both a little worn out from the 8 hours of sitting in Nuerology before seeing a doc and 10 hours in neuro-opthamalogy without ever seeing a doc. When they told us that we would have to do more of the same, my wife could take it no more. So, bottom line, I have appointments and a schedule and no more endless waits.

We will probably leave Louisville on October 14 to drive back (flying is so expensive), spend the night in route and then be in Rochester the night of the 15th.

I will blog more when I get back to Louisville.

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