Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm OK

I got a lot of phone calls yesterday concerned because I haven't posted. I'm OK. The end of last week was kinda rough, but this week hasn't been too bad. I get up and shower. Rest. put on my clothes. Rest. make the bed. Rest. Eat breakffast. Rest....so on and so forth. In short, it takes me all day to do nothing. If it were not for the fatigue, headaches, dizzyness and blurred vision--I'd be bored. but being sick takes all my time.

In short, nothing has changed lately. I am just waiting to go back to Mayo.

The reason I haven't blogged all week is that my wi-fi is down. I have to go to Heine-Bros to blog

Don't have any news. I go to Mayo next week for another round of appointments, tests, etc. With any luck, I will know more then.

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StateFair said...

Charles if you need any help with the computer or wifi stuff, let me know.
Would be happy to help.

Erik Marvin